What to wear on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and many of my clients often wonder what to wear out on a family date, brunch or theatre date.

While I can certainly suggest what to wear, it’s imperative to first discuss what NOT to wear.

  • Unless you are going to a major league sporting event, it’s oh so gauche to wear team related apparel item. Brewers tee shirts, Packers Jersey’s, “Fear the Deer” jackets-anything related to a major league sports team is just downright nasty unless you are either going to a game or watching it in the comfort of your own Lazy Boy.
  • Unless they are the latest and greatest from a company such as Supreme or Fear of God-sweats are just unacceptable. Yes. Most men look like they just left the comfort of their bed when wearing them, and unless you are looking to dress to look tired and ragged, sweats should be avoided at all costs. Even if you are running out to get a gallon of milk, throw on a pair of jeans. Please. This is a public service message.
  • Really guys. If you are balding, own it, embrace it and show off that pate, but don’t hide it. You aren’t kidding anyone, much the same way that a woman in her 60’s is no longer a brunette. It just doesn’t happen. It’s life. Let it become your style and have your hair stylist suggest a new cut or shave to bring out the be(a)st in you.
  • Anything that no longer fits you. That’s right. If you’ve found the freshman twenty again, 20 years after your college graduation, for the love of Mike, get some new clothing. Invest in something that fits your new body style and your heavier frame. You don’t need to buy an entire wardrobe to get a few great pieces to wear during your “transition” period. (no matter how long that is.)

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