Short on Style

I like to call myself a menswear stylist, an image consultant and a “shoperone.” Helping men find their “look” and “personal brand” gives me great happiness, and I love to see how confident men become when wearing the “right” clothing.

Often times, while out and about, I find options so horrific, I wonder if men ever look in a mirror? I have to do a double take to make sure I’m actually seeing what I am seeing. This is one shining example.

So, without further ado, here are some “don’ts” for even the simplest of trips-trips to the grocery store for milk, for potting soil, and for any other quick trip for errands:

  • Never wear something that you wore from high school if you graduated more than five years ago, unless it’s a Canada Goose coat.
  • Never wear denim shorts. Ever. Even if they are not “Daisy Duke’s” they are just inappropriate. They look like you just stepped out of Wal Mart. Is that the brand image you want to define you?
  • Sleeveless shirts are not flattering to any man, even Lou Ferrigno. (and I’ve seen him up close and personal, by the way) They make you look the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish. Hunky or slim…they just look sleazy-unless you are at the gym.

Take a minute, before you leave your home to make sure you look polished, up to date, and put together. As we all know, chance meetings aren’t at all by chance, and you always want to look your most handsome! (your future girlfriend, wife or boss may be meeting you!)

And if you are in the market for a makeover…..Uncommon Man is an image consulting service that you can’t afford not to utilize. With over three decades of fashion expertise, we’ll have you looking sharp in no time, without breaking the bank to get there.