Menswear Styling

Whether you hope to be seen as an on-point professional, a future captain of industry, or a rebellious bad boy — or maybe all three at different points in the week! — we’ll help you win your end game.

  • Are you looking for a new personal brand?
  • Are you newly single and unsure how to be most attractive to others?
  • Are climbing the corporate ladder and want to come across as more promotable?

It’s All About the Fit. The right fit for each man is different and most clothing, right off the rack, needs a bit of tailoring. By proper tailoring, we can provide both comfort and ease of movement, and get that sharp look that truly flatters your manliness.

If you would like a made to measure suit, you will be amazed at how good, and how confident, custom tailoring makes you feel. It’s not for everyone, of course — off-the-rack stuff is obviously less expensive. But if you’ve got the bucks, UM has the best tailors in Dairyland to make you look, well, like someone with the bucks. (And, Lori knows where to go so you don’t have to second mortgage the farm.)